certificate in channelling and mediumship

Cert in Channelling & Mediumship 2019  (downloadable course outline)
Cert in Channelling & Mediumship-TT-2019 (downloadable timetable)


channelling and mediumship

Mediumship is the next level of working with your intuition that will see you connecting with and bringing through inspiring messages from spirit guides, passed on loved ones and many other spiritual beings.

You will learn how to tune into the amazing wisdom of the universe, which will not only help the people that you are reading for, but bring a deeper understanding of your own purpose and life lessons.

The inspiration and benefit mediumship and channelling will bring you in all aspects of your is life is limitless and something that helps you to tune into your untapped potential.

This course includes a lot of practise and fine tuning of your abilities that will help you to feel confident in your intuition and life in general.

In this course we will explore:

  • The differences between mediumship and channelling and the many different techniques used to bring through inspirational messages.
  • A deepening of your communication skills and abilities to bring through messages from your spirit guides and angels.
  • Furthering your practical skills in communicating with, and bringing through messages from, loved ones who have passed.
  • How to find your own, individual style of communicating with the spirit world, bring forth their messages and communicate that to others.
  • Advanced techniques to hone your skill level with all the psychic senses.
  • Further exploration of the psychic tools you may already be using, e.g. psychometry and automatic writing, and how to truly make them a part of your Mediumship and Channelling practice.

advanced channelling and trance mediumship

This course will start off increasing your channelling skills as we will practise more advanced techniques. It will help you to create a deeper connection with the spirit world and bring through clearer inspirational messages for yourself and others.

Then we will move onto learning one of the most sacred and special spiritual techniques, trance mediumship.

It is when your spirit guides and other beings link their consciousness with a medium’s, allowing the spirit guide limited control over the medium’s body. This allows the medium to bring through more inspired and powerful messages from the spirit world, directly from the source. This is a sharing of mental and physical energies with a spirit guide, not full possession of the body like in the movies!

The deeper connection with your spirit guides through trance mediumship is one of the most beautiful and special experiences you can ever have. The amazing messages that come through from spirit world using trance mediumship are truly a blessing for all that hear them.

Rebecca Mayhew -Certificate in Channelling & Mediumship teacher

facilitator: Rebecca Mayhew

If you have previous experience or have completed courses within this field, please consult our course outline pdf for a description of our courses and contact us to enquire about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).