Meditation Training Sydney

Awareness Institute offers meditation training in Crows Nest in Sydney.

Meditation provides a powerful, yet gentle pathway for recognising, entering and using various realms of consciousness. Training in meditation and meditative practices not only creates great benefits for individuals, but when learning to combine group energies, we can access new levels of awareness, taking us into transpersonal or mystical awareness more readily.

By applying these principles within group meditation training, we can advance our work of transformation individually, for the group and for the world. These training methods will vitalise your meditation, connect with the spirit in all things and access your inner world of power, energy and creative potential. The combined energy of training within a transformative meditation group can help to shape the forces evolving consciousness in the world.

To be a leader in this great leap of consciousness, it’s imperative to seek comprehensive training in facilitation of meditation groups. The Path of the Teacher offered at Awareness Institute in Sydney, trains you to ethically and safely lead groups in the development of transcendent consciousness through meditation. It also equips you with powerful techniques to hold a ‘soul space’ for your students/clients and for yourself as your teaching role blossoms into your own spiritual path.

For further information on meditation training in Sydney, contact Awareness Institute on 02 9436 1644 or at

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