Meditation Courses

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There has been a lot of talk in the media recently confirming scientific evidence around the effectiveness of meditation in stress reduction. Are you curious about meditation but don’t know where to start? Have you tried to meditate and found it difficult to focus, or became bored/fall asleep, distracted or frustrated? Perhaps you are a seasoned meditator but would like to take your practice to the next level; expanding your practice to reach deeper levels of consciousness and awakening.

Whatever your level of experience, Awareness Institute offers courses to help you develop and widen your meditative experience for both physical health, stress management and consciousness development.

What’s on offer:

If you are interested in an ongoing practice to take your meditation to new levels, learn and practice new techniques – then the Certificate in Transformative Meditation is for you. It starts in term 1 with transformative meditation 1 . There are Monday evening and Thursday morning classes in most terms. The next class starts Mon morning or evening 10 Feb 2020.

For the more experienced student, the transformative meditation facilitator’s certificate is a comprehensive program held over a year starting in February (or a 6 month intensive starting in June). This beautifully designed meditation facilitator’s program mixes theory and mentored meditative practice to assist your own practice and to reach a level where you are comfortable and confident to facilitate meditation programs yourself.

“I love these retreats- this was my 4th one with Louise! The Meditation Retreat for me is always a time to relearn and rejuvenate my meditation.” Ward Swadling. Retreat participant 

meditation mastery
meditation mastery is for anyone with meditation experience who is interested in exploring advanced levels of consciousness in a safe and supportive environment.  This monthly group explores meditation as a pathway to an advanced  experience of  higher levels of consciousness and personal vibration and astral levels facilitated by working in a group.

We will work with practices that stabilise the deeper states and enhance our capacity for clarity, wellbeing, peace and the rewards of insights. Class size will be limited.

meditation as therapy is an extension of our Transformative Meditation course or meditation facilitation equivalent. In this 1 day workshop, we learn specific skills for facilitating groups for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses.

We also learn and practice meditation techniques that are simple but both powerful and empowering. These can be taught to group members who are challenged by illness and treatments and the issues that they raise, such as pain, anxiety, doubts and stress. Many of these techniques delivered by a well-trained facilitator have been researched and found to reduce symptoms and restore calm and happiness.

For those who would like more tailored, individual tuition, we also offer one-on-one meditation coaching in the awareness clinic for those who have lots of questions and would like personal assistance with their meditation practice. We also offer teacher mentoring for new meditation facilitators or trainers in meditation who would like to inject their training with new methods and/or deeper levels of facilitation.