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Cert in Intuitive Astrology 2019 (downloadable course outline)
Cert Intuitive astro-TT-2019 (downloadable course timetable)

The Certificate in Intuitive Astrology is for you if you wish to explore the rhythm of the planets through the zodiac and discover how our stories are mirrored in the rich symbolism of Astrology. Intuitive Astrology is an approach to astrology that takes into account the pulse and rhythm in this world that continues to influence us.  It is that sense of clarity that arises from within, allowing a sense of intuition & trust to develop when facilitating & interpreting the map that is our natal chart (birth chart).

who is this program for?
If you would like to identify, develop and enrich your intuitive nature & learn how trust in your intuitive abilities while exploring the fascinating world of Astrology, this course is for you. Orientate yourself to the cycles of the universe: moon, season and planetary, to cultivate reverence for an ensouled life.

If you would like to understand yourself on a deeper level, either for personal or professional reasons this course can help you navigate your story, motivations & your life. If you’re curious about how your behaviour differs from others & loved ones, understanding the birth chart can help you navigate through your life with a greater awareness and consciousness.


what makes intuitive astrology unique? 
This is an experiential, playful and energetically focused course, where we engage the senses, the imagination and your intuition at the same time. You will learn practical skills and the sound knowledge required to interpret natal charts. It is a one-year part time program structured as weekly evenings, weekend workshops plus webinars.


The Certificate in Intuitive Astrology includes:

Intuitive Astrology 1 – Tues 12, Thurs 21, 28 Feb, 7, 28 Mar, 4 Apr (6.15-8.45pm) + Webinars Thurs 14 Mar + 11 Apr (7-8.30pm)
Intuitive Astrology 2 – Thur 16, 23, 30 May, 6, 20, 27 Jun (6.15-8.45pm) + Webinars Thur 9 May + 13 Jun (7-8.30pm)
Intuitive Astrology 3 – Thur 25 Jul, 1, 22, 29 Aug, 5, 19 Sep (6.15-8.45pm) + Sat 10 Aug (9.30-1.30pm)
Intuitive Astrology 4 – Thur 17, 24, 31 Oct, 7, 21, 28 Nov (6.15-8.45pm) + Sat 16 Nov (9.30-1.30pm)

Autumn Equinox Moon Ritual – Thur 21 Mar (6.30-8.30pm)
Winter Solstice Moon Ritual – Sat 22 Jun (6.00-8.00pm)
Spring Equinox Moon Ritual – Mon 23 Sep (6.30-8.30pm)
Note: the above Moon rituals are free for students enrolled into the Certificate of Intuitive Astrology

Plus 1 individual session with Kathleen Byers (optional – to be paid separately)


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