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Shamanism as we offer it in our Certificate of Shamanic Practices comes from a collection of the world’s most ancient disciplines for accessing altered states of consciousness, intensified feeling states, our inherent healing capacity, connection with our souls and techniques of ecstasy. Our lecturer, Louise Gilmore, has been studying and practicing shamanic techniques for years, from a range of perspectives and with various teachers.

Recently Louise went to Peru to learn from Basilio, a Q’ero shaman, descended from the Inca. They travelled to power places and age-old energetic portals in the high Andes, where Basilio conducted daily ceremonies, healings and initiations. The Spring Equinox and a full moon ramped up the cosmic energy.

“I felt incredibly honoured to become Basilio’s student. He is a powerful traditional shaman and a very generous teacher. He took my shamanic practices to new levels,some of which I’m still integrating. At the same time, he is a humble and very human man, who can relax in the most joyful way with his students.” Louise said.

We are very excited to offer this course, beginning in February 2012, that aligns ancient shamanic practices with the deep need in our modern world to live an effective, joyous and healthy life.

Written by Louise Gilmore.

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