Chakra chameleon


The human being consists of a complex array of energy systems, including chakras, that influence the physical, emotional, psychological and/or spiritual levels of a person’s being.

Chakras are the body’s entry and exit points of vital energy or ‘life force’. They are vortices that allow our human body to communicate directly with the energetic world around us. When our chakras are blocked or out of balance, often because of emotional suppression, fears, grief, insecurities, negative thinking etc, they can throw our physical body out of balance. This imbalance can manifest in mental, emotional, spiritual or physical challenges and illnesses.

Chakra balancing is a way of restoring harmony to these energy systems.

Within a chakra balancing session at Awareness Institute Clinic, the practitioner facilitates a healing response in a client through a variety of gentle, non-invasive techniques. After spending some time learning about you and discussing your presenting issue/s, your practitioner will work with each of your chakra centres to assess, clear and re-balance your entire energetic system. Treatments are subtle, relaxing and facilitate a sense of ease, safety and wellbeing.

During your chakra balancing session you remain fully clothed whilst your practitioner directs healing energy through their hands that are either placed lightly on the body or held slightly above it. A chakra balancing session is powerful yet gentle and the experience is unique to each person. After a chakra balance, many people report feeling more relaxed, lighter and with an increased sense of happiness after a session. After a few chakra balancing sessions, clients may notice their initial symptoms lessen or resolve completely. It is a safe form of treatment and can be used in conjunction with, and to support, other forms of medical treatment.

Our clinic offers chakra balancing sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week and our clinic space offers a calming retreat––a space to truly relax, unwind and allow core healing to take place. Sessions within our clinic may be booked by calling us on (02) 9436 1644. Our clinic space is located in Crows Nest, with easy-to-access parking and nearby rail and bus.

Chakra balancing is a beautiful way of reconnecting to your true self, of releasing energetic blocks and assisting you to resolve and move through problem areas into a space of true wellness. We’d love to see you at our clinic soon!