What is Energetic Healing and how can it help you?

healingEnergetic (or Energy) Healing is a practice of tapping into our entire energetic system in creative, intuitive and soul-centred ways for the purpose of awareness and clarity, release, improved wellbeing and empowerment.

As humans, we’re quite aware of our physical body. But the physical, dense body that we can touch and feel is only one of the many energetic bodies that make up our whole selves.

We are, in fact, multi-layered beings, with separate but entwined energy fields that govern our emotions, mental state and spiritual awareness. Each of these bodies acts as a filter, condensing down to form our physical body and all of its patterns, thoughts, fears, feelings and beliefs.

By working back through these energetic bodies, we can gain insight into some of the blocks or difficulties we may be experiencing in the physical, release them, allowing shifts in our other energetic bodies and healing in the physical to occur.

There are a number of energetic healing modalities, so let’s take a look at some of them and see which resonates for you.

Energetic Healing: If you like the idea of crystals, flower and gem essences, auric fields, dowsing and cord cutting then this is for you. An energetic healing session will generally have you lie on a table for around 1 hour, eyes closed, while you zone out. You’re not required to do anything as your practitioner tunes into your auric bodies and chakras and ascertains the flow of energy, noting any ‘stuck’ areas. She will focus on clearing and rebalancing the energetic flow to facilitate healing of the mental, emotional or physical.

Shamanic Healing: Shamanism is an ancient system of spirituality that dates from the earliest beginnings of humanity. Its popularity is due to its deep spirituality, reverence for all life forms and the ability to provide answers in a troubled world. Shamanism is a way of thinking and acting – of learning about, understanding and living in harmony with everything around you.

A shamanic healing session may involve meeting your power animal, a symbolic guide to help you journey through present day issues; calling back parts of your soul/spirit which may be scattered and non-present (soul retrieval) and/or connect you on a deep level with your earth and ancestral guides.
Reiki: The word “reiki” in Japanese translates roughly as “universal life force energy.” Reiki is a specific form of energetic healing that is becoming increasingly well known for the array of outcomes it can facilitate. Reiki is performed by a practitioner channelling and directing Universal energy through their hands which may be placed lightly on the body or held slightly above it, in different positions. It supports the body’s inherent wisdom, vitality and healing capability.

One of the aims of Reiki is to break down old and habitual patterns of being and perceiving to clear obscurations. Reiki energy flows to the area most in need of treatment, healing the imbalance. Clients may experience a range of sensations during a treatment along with a deep sense of relaxation. Reiki is great for managing stress and experiencing tranquility.

Polarity Therapy: Polarity Therapy improves the flow of energy in our bodies bringing whole-body balance, and is now being recommended and used by many health professionals, including doctors, nurses, counsellors and massage therapists.

This integrated system of healing utilises hands on techniques, counselling, diet and energy moving exercises as part of a comprehensive approach to healing. Being energy based, Polarity is similar to acupressure and Reiki. This non-invasive therapy balances energy fields and currents, encouraging healing of tissues, organs and systems, while integrating emotions, mind and spirit.

These are just a sample of the myriad of energetic healing modalities available. As with everything, if you are drawn to exploring one of these areas, research or ask for reliable referrals and before making any appointment, listen to your intuition and be guided by your gut-feel about the modality and practitioner that’s right for you.

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