certificate in tantra & sacred intimacy

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Certificate in Tantra & Sacred Intimacy is for anyone interested in exploring Tantra and  not wishing to or not yet ready to train as a practitioner .

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The Certificate in Tantra & Sacred Intimacy includes:

Tantra Philosophy & Practice – Sat 11, 18 Aug (2 days)
Sacred Intimacy & Healing –  31 Aug, 1, 2 Sept and 12, 13, 14 Oct (6 days)

Plus a minimum of 1 individual session with Taryn Harvey.

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what is tantra and sacred intimacy?
Tantra is a practice consisting of principal ideas pertaining to all aspects of our mind/body/emotional state of ‘being’.

The weaving of the masculine and feminine components (energy) we all comprise as individuals, become a reflection – aligning us with our cosmos (Universe/Shiva) IMG_2143and Earth (Gaia/Shakti).
This is noted as consciously co-creating unity (balance), harmony & ecstasy (often via sacred connection but not exclusively sexual in behaviour or adaptation). Sexuality is deemed as a higher aspect of this vibrational portal for direct ascendance & enlightenment, hence its sacredness as ‘rite of passage’.


There’s a saying, “Without Guru and mantra, there’s no Tantra”, however we are all Gurus today once we seed tradition with intention and water it with love. – Taryn Harvey

what exactly is tantra? Listen to Taryn Harvey our wonderful facilitator of the Diploma program discussing healing & intimacy through Tantra.

Tantra is also a lifestyle based upon spiritual traditions found in both Hinduism & Buddhism.
It is in our human quest for understanding the meaning of intimacy that we begin our own Divine journey to becoming whole.
Polarity is key in accessing & unlocking our body’s inner wisdom, allowing us to heal our wounds and make space for Sacred Union.
Tantra is this conscious relationship, and intimacy is the achievement of self-love and healing.
NOTE: As this is an experiential and deeply integrative learning, students are advised that they may activate core beliefs (often laying dormant in the base and sacral chakras). In doing so, you may experience shifts related to your perceptions around abundance, creativity and family of origin. Resistance is common when we begin to expand upon what we do know. This is where the mentoring sessions can come into play to support you through this process.

who is this program for?
This program is suited for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of tantra and how this can awaken and/or expand upon their own psycho-spiritual, sexuality transformation.

Tantra creates an easier, natural – and often quicker and much more soothing pathway to healing & nourished relationships.


Touch is a vital component of human relating often not included in mainstream couples counselling or general therapies. While tactile therapeutic techniques are

IMG_1560 taught in this program, they are non sexual in nature. All classes are conducted fully clothed.

Tantra practice is fast gaining credibility as it is being increasingly identified for its value in having the capacity to honour our human condition. Tantra creates an easy, safe and soothing pathway to Life Source and healing).

Please read the complete course outline that is available as a pdf at the top of the page. You can enrol over the phone, in person or via the term 3 timetable