Sometimes the answers are in the past – Past life regressions

Clare came to see me because she was considering dropping out of a Naturopathy course that she had enrolled in six months before.  Clare love growing and working with herbs and had finally made the decision to follow her passion.  She had reduced her working hours to three days a week and was easily fitting in work and study.  However, of recent times she had started to feel uneasy when at college and had a growing sense of loss and abandonment.

We discussed the possible causes of these feelings.  Clare had a loving and stable family life as a child and was currently in a very happy relationship.  Perhaps we needed to look further back, as Clare felt that the feelings may not have originated in this life time.  During a past life regression Clare saw herself as a woman in her fifties, wearing a long white dress and sandals.  She lived in a small village, which she felt was in France, in about 1700.  People in the village and surrounding areas came to her for help and healing.  She would listen to their problems and provide wise counselling.  She made up potions, to heal the sick, from plants and herbs she grew in the small garden at the rear of her cottage.  She lived a happy and peaceful life, earning a living from her healing work, for over 30 years.  Then the scene changed and Clare saw the same people she had helped, shouting at her to ‘Go, get out’.  They were pushing her along the road; dozens of people pushing and shouting at her.  She tried to calm them, and reason with them, but they started to throw things at her.  ‘Go away, go away’ they continued to shout at her.   As she walked along the road, leaving behind her home and the people she had known all her life, ©she felt alone and abandoned.  Why did they believe the religious representatives that came from the next town, instead of her? She was just trying to help people, she wasn’t a witch.

When Clare brought more focus to growing and working with herbs in this lifetime, she had started to connect to unresolved emotions from that past life.  Clare said that it all made sense to her.  With awareness Clare was able to recognise the feelings as they arose and allow the healing to take place.  Clare was happy again as she attended her Naturopathy course and on her way to achieving her dreams.

Written by Linda James/Seachange Within

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