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Below is an A-Z list of short courses that can be taken alone or as part of a certificate or diploma training. They range from an evening such as Summer Solstice Ritual, a 1 or 2 day weekend course to an 8 week program.

Some courses will also be available soon online, perfect for the busy person who needs the extra flexibility that self paced study provides or lives too far away to make it easy to join us in person.

Additional workshops are also added during the year. They are announced in the monthly free newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter to the right of any page.

* indicates a subject that can be used as an elective in the Diploma of Energy Healing.
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short courses
*astrology 1: May 2018
autumn equinox ritual & meditation: Mar 2018
awaken your intuition: Mar 2018
building a successful practice: tba
crystal healing: Mar 2018
develop your emotional & spiritual intelligence: Jun 2018, Oct 2018
earth spirit wisdom: Mar 2018, Sep 2018
energy healing techniques 1: Oct 2018
energy healing techniques 2: Feb 2018

healing essences: Feb 2018
intro to energy awareness: Jan 2018
intuitive anatomy: July 2018
intuitive awareness 1: intuition, chakras & energy fundamentals: more info
*kinesiology for energy practitioners: Sept 2018
living your life purpose: tba
meditation @ lunchtime: tba
meditation mastery: Feb 2018
*#mediumship & spiritual development: MORN Apr 2018
*#mediumship & spiritual development: EVE Apr 2018
nourishing the body: Feb 2018
*palmistry: tba
reiki 1: Feb 3+4 2018, Feb 17+18 2018, Sep 2018
*#reiki 2: May 2018, Nov 2018
*#reiki master: Jun 2018*
reiki circle: May 2018Aug 2018, Oct 2018
shamanic drum & movement: Apr 2018, Sept 2018
*shamanic journey – the medicine wheel: Feb 2018, Aug 2018
shamanic journey – power animal dreaming: May 2018, Oct 2018
*shamanism – the power & the mystery (intro workshop): Feb 2018, Jul 2018
*sound bath: Jan 2018
spring equinox meditation & ritual: Sept 2018
subtle energy systems of the body: Mar 2018, Aug 2018
*tantra & sacred sexuality: Introduction: Feb 2018
transformative meditation 1 MORN: Feb 2018
transformative meditation 1 EVE: Feb 2018
transformative meditation 1 INTENSIVE: Jun 2018
winter solstice, ritual & meditation: Jun 2018
working with our light bodies: Jun 2018Nov 2018

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