Ritual & Ceremony

“Ceremony is the inspired expression of our dance with creation” Steven Farmer

Ritual and sacred ceremonies invite us to enter the great mystery of the universe, stepping beyond our ordinary reality into a sacred and spiritual realm. They create an entrance point between the seen and the unseen, giving form to the formless.

People have participated in rituals and found meaning in ceremonies throughout history and across every culture. They form a rich thread in the tapestry of our dreaming, myths and stories.

The use of ritual and ceremony is still of relevance today on both a personal and community level. Rituals can be simple and private or occur within a larger gathering. Either way, to step into sacred space with a clear intent can have a profound effect on our lives.

To create meaningful ceremonies it is necessary to understand their basic structural components, and the energies involved, as well as how to develop and maintain sacred space.

For more information and weekend workshops on sacred space and ritual development, contact Awareness Institute.

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

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