Reiki Healing Benefits

Reiki-Treatment :Healing lies not with the practitioner, but within the realm of the body’s wisdom and spirit

Reiki energetic healing can have many benefits on every level for both the practitioner and the client. Reiki doesn’t ‘cure’ in and of itself but supports the flow of chi in our body and works with the innate intelligence of the body. Reiki can thus enhance our vitality and healing capability. It is safe to combine Reiki with other modalities and treatments. Reiki healing is suitable for babies, children, adults, animals and during pregnancy.

Reiki may be of benefit for people with physical ailments, or for those seeking support for spiritual or emotional issues. Reiki can be of benefit as an adjunct modality for those receiving psychotherapy and other medical treatments. Psychotherapists have reported back that clients concurrently receiving Reiki integrate issues or gain insights rapidly and feel very supported in their process of transformation.

Throughout the healing session you may notice different sensations; tingling, buzzing, pulsing, cool or warmth, or you may fall asleep. Generally people report feeling deeply relaxed, calm and nurtured. The most common and noticeable immediate effects of Reiki are stress reduction, relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. As we relax more deeply, the body begins to unwind and our innate healing abilities can be supported and released.

As wel as chronic ill health, Reiki is very useful for acute symptoms, most noticeably in minor first aid injuries. Reiki is wonderful for helping sprains, strains and pains! Reiki is often of great assistance for pain relief, generally.

After a Reiki session it is important that you drink plenty of water and allow some quiet time for integration of the session. Some people have a mild detoxification after a Reiki healing, such as running nose, bowel changes, perspiration or perhaps some pimples. You may also experience mood changes, have vivid dreams, feel tired or have other bodily sensations. It is common for people who have been very busy and stressed to feel very tired after a reiki session. Your body will begin to relax deeply and may need to catch up on rest and sleep. It is common during and after a Reiki session that people have insights either about understanding what is happening for them or how to work with the issue.

Reiki supports the inherent balance of the body’s vital force, so healing can occur on any level; emotionally, physically, spiritually or mentally and often in ways we could not predict. Reiki works with the cause of an issue and we must let go of our expectations and assumptions for a particular direction of healing.

This article is reprinted with kind permission from Pure Natural Therapies. All acknowledgements and credits for article to Jacquelyn Bushell.

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