past life regression

Transform your future by recalling your past

Are you seeking:
• Insight into problems in a current relationship
• To resolve obstacles and blockages in your life
• To eliminate deep seated fears and phobias
• To release yourself from a continual sense of lack
• To let go of long standing limiting beliefs
Remembering your past lives can be a rich and rewarding adventure. Your feelings often have their origins in past lives, as your present experiences are often symbolic of past life events and emotions. Past memories aren’t necessarily affected by time.

Past life regression can offer you an interesting and enlightening journey of self discovery. The memories you recall open up for very important reasons; to allow insights and answers. They help to make you aware of how many of your present actions and experiences are connected to and caused by past life events, bringing a clearer understanding of their influences in your life. The past memories can link to the origins of current deep seated fears, emotional blockages and phobias, allowing you to free yourself of their restrictions.

Learning consists of remembering previously acquired knowledge. Your subconscious mind has a perfect memory and stores all your thoughts, feelings, experiences and accumulated knowledge over this and previous lifetimes. Remembering your past lives is a natural process that involves your desire to know; and your expectation that you are ready, willing and able to know.

What does a past life session look like:
Allow about 1 ½ for the session, which consists of:
• explanation of the process
• exploration of what you want to achieve from the session
• past life regression process, which consists of gentle relaxing techniques allowing you to unlock past life memories.
• debrief and support

Cost of the sessions: Approx 2 hours $150, Awareness Institute Certificate/Diploma Students $120
Practitioner: Linda James.