meditaionThere has been a lot of talk in the media recently confirming scientific evidence around the effectiveness of meditation in stress reduction. Are you curious about meditation but don’t know where to start? Have you tried to meditate and found it difficult to focus, or became bored or have fallen asleep, distracted or frustrated? Perhaps you are a seasoned meditator but would like to take your practice to the next level, expanding your meditation practice to reach deeper levels of consciousness and awakening.

Whatever your level of experience, meditation training courses in Sydney such as those offered at Awareness Institute in Crows Nest, can help you develop and widen your meditative experience for both physical health, stress management and consciousness development.

The best way to start a practice is by seeking out reputable meditation courses. Meditation courses can help you learn the basics such as how to stop the mind from wandering, how to work with mental chatter and distraction and how to challenge yourself to remain present throughout your practice.
As you gain more experience, you can further your meditation training via more advanced meditation courses, guiding you to vaster realms and ultimately equipping you with the confidence and tools to assist the community and facilitate meditation programs yourself.

Once you’re a little more experienced, joining a meditation mastery program can assist you to explore advanced levels of consciousness in a safe and supportive environment. This specialised form of meditation training is offered in Sydney on a monthly basis, exploring meditation as a pathway to an advanced experience of higher levels of consciousness, personal vibration and astral levels. Practices are utilised that help stabilise deeper states of consciousness and awareness, and enhance your capacity for clarity, wellbeing, peace and depth of insight.

Or perhaps you prefer more tailored, individual tuition. Visiting a meditation clinic is a great way to experience one-on-one meditation training or coaching, especially for those who have lots of questions and would like personal assistance with their meditation practice.

Whether you attend meditation courses, meditation training or seek out a meditation clinic, the key to success is ongoing practice to take your personal growth, development and meditation practice to new levels.

For further information on meditation training and meditation courses in Sydney, including the meditation mastery course, or to experience one-on-one tuition via our meditation clinic, contact Awareness Institute Sydney,,, or call (02) 9436 1644.

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