meditation mastery

 “Through compassion, you find that all human beings are just like you.” The Dalai Lama

meditation mastery is for anyone with meditation experience who is interested in exploring advanced levels of consciousness in a safe and supportive environment.  This monthly group explores meditation as a pathway to an advanced  experience of  higher levels of consciousness and personal vibration in astral levels and beyond, facilitated by working in a group.

sydney, meditation, astrology, healingWe will work with practices that stabilise the deeper states and enhance our capacity for clarity, wellbeing, peace and the rewards of insights. Class size will be limited and a minimum of 1 year regular practice is required as a pre requisite. Meditation Mastery is offered on the first Tues evening of every month starting in Feb.

sydney, meditation, astrology, healing,monthly evening course starting Tues 5 Feb 2019

*While Meditation Mastery starts in Feb, you can enrol term by term starting anytime.

meditation as therapy is an extension of our Transformative Meditation course or meditation facilitation equivalent. In these two single day workshops, we learn specific skills for facilitating groups for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses.

We will learn and practice meditation techniques that are simple but both powerful and empowering. These can be taught to group members who are challenged by illness and treatments and the issues that they raise, such as pain, anxiety, doubts and stress. Many of these techniques delivered by a well-trained facilitator have been researched and found to reduce symptoms and restore calm and happiness. more info