Meditation Institute

Awareness Institute offers meditation training in Crows Nest in Sydney.

There are a variety of meditation styles from a variety of spiritual traditions that help stabilise our practice and enhance our capacity for clarity, wellbeing, peace and the rewards of insights.

Awareness Institute offers training across a variety of meditation styles, forms and traditions, with an important element being your commitment to ongoing meditation practice between classes.

Topics explored at the Institute include:

  • History of Meditation: finding our place in the flow and the home for our soul
  • Levels of Stillness in Meditation
  • Concentration (Focusing) Meditation
  • Reflective (Analytical) Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Creative Meditation – meaning and practice
  • Sharing Meditation: family and community: The Great Ball of Merit
  • Sharing Meditation: Spirit in all things

Studying meditation at Awareness Institute offers an opportunity to develop and widen your meditation experience for physical health and wellbeing, stress management and conscious development. For more information on courses run at Awareness Institute, visit

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