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‘A small group of conscious, committed people can change the world.’

what is transformative meditation?
This system of meditation provides a powerful, yet gentle pathway for recognising, entering and using various realms of consciousness. These have great benefits for individuals, but by learning to combine group energies, we can access new levels of awareness, taking us into transpersonal or mystical awareness more readily.

By applying these principles of meditation, we can advance our work of transformation individually, for the group and for the world. These methods will vitalise your meditation, connect with the spirit in all things and access your inner world of power, energy and creative potential. The combined energy of a transformative meditation group can help to shape the forces evolving consciousness in the world.

Natalie Grace-Certificate of Transformative Meditation Facilitator teacher

Louise Gilmore-Diploma of Meditation Teaching (yr 2 teacher)

what makes this program unique?
This is a practical and skills-based advance in meditation that grounds and holds us as we explore the inherent mystery of transcendent states of consciousness. We will study and experience a range of tested and proven methods for supporting transformation in individuals, communities and the world. We will explore various levels of consciousness in relationship with the web of life and the spirit in all things. The course is open to anyone who wants to connect with like-minded people, move into deeper ground in their meditation practice and undertake global spiritual work. We will also explore teaching meditation as a spiritual path.

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what our students say about this program:

“..this was a beautiful and sacred experience. Thanks so much for taking such good care of us and guiding and supporting our journey. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful meditation retreat”.
Michelle Kenworthy. Transformative Meditation Facilitator’s Certificate graduate. 

“..it has been an immense pleasure to study with the Awareness Institute and to have the opportunity to meet some amazing teachers and peers. It will always be a time that I remember VERY fondly..”  Bev Short Transformative Meditation Facilitator’s Certificate graduate 2018.

“..Amanda is a fantastic & peaceful teacher. Meditation Mastery is a wonderful program..”.
Matt Laganza. Diploma of Transformative Meditation  graduate. 

“..this course allows the full exploration of self. If approached with an open mind and curiosity the layers within will peel away to reveal the real essence of self..”  Scott Moran Transformative Meditation Facilitator’s Certificate graduate 2018.



course structure
sydney, meditation, astrology, healingThe program is designed as a two year diploma or one-year Certificate. Both programs are part time. The Transformative Meditation Facilitator’s Certificate includes: five 2-hour class once a week, plus 1 day in Transformative Meditation 1 , 2 & 3, and a weekend retreat plus five 2.5 -hour classes in Transformative Meditation 4 and Soul Centred Communication Skills 1.

For those students wanting to deepen their knowledge and further their own meditation practice, a second part time year is now available. The second year includes specialised content for offering meditation in corporate settings, as part of community programs, meditation as therapy and as well as how to teach meditation to children.

Students who wish to complete the certificate program in 6 months can enrol in the intensive study plan as outlined above. Students who complete the entire program will be qualified to provide ethical, earth focused and soulful meditation facilitation.

transformative meditation 1 – planting the seed
This term introduces meditation as a pathway to an advanced level of consciousness, facilitated by working in a group. We will work with practices that stabilise the deeper states and enhance our capacity for clarity, wellbeing, peace and the rewards of insights.

leafMon evening/weekend course Feb 2020 more info
Mon morning/weekend course Feb 2020 more info
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transformative meditation 2 – the journey
This term offers spiritually empowered meditation techniques for continuing the important work on our own development and beginning the beautiful process of moving step by step into connection with and support of other beings and the world. Explore the transformative and joyful effect of that connection. Consists of one six-hour weekend intensive and five two-hour classes.

leafMon evening/weekend course May 2020 more info
Mon morning/weekend course May 2020 more info
weekend intensive Jul 2020 more info

soul centred communication skills 1
Learning how to work with clients and their presenting issues. In this subject you will learn about the basic theory and frameworks of soul centred counselling and practise the fundamental mind-body skills and methods in a supportive environment. You will learn how to be with, hold and support the integration of a client’s process to enable them to connect with a different level of their experience.

leafweekend course Jun 2020 more info
weekend course Jul 2020 more info

transformative meditation 3 – the way of the future
There have been prophecies that our future is to build group channels for energy distribution, based on what has been achieved in the past. Within the power, safety and balancing effect of our group we use the energies we have refined earlier in the course to develop experience in layers of group consciousness. We learn practices that use our own growth and expansion to foster evolving consciousness in the world. This will be balanced with the opportunity to develop and practice your own meditation teaching program.

leafevening/weekend course Jul 2020 more info
morning/weekend course Jul 2020 more info

transformative meditation 4 plus retreat- the path of the teacher
Be a leader in this great leap of consciousness. The Path of the Teacher trains you to ethically and safely lead groups in the development of transcendent consciousness through meditation. It also equips you with powerful techniques to hold a ‘soul space’ for your students/clients and for yourself as your teaching role blossoms into your own spiritual path. This subject includes 5 evening or day sessions plus a meditation retreat.

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Mon morning + retreat  Oct 2020 more info


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