Meditation Clinic

Oftentimes we may feel stuck in our process of meditation, whether that’s difficulty in starting a meditation practice, maintaining a mediation practice or really honing our meditation experience as we develop our abilities.

Visiting a meditation clinic that offers one-on-one, private mentorship, can assist you to structure and develop a deeply integrative and profoundly impactful meditation practice.

Booking a clinic session for specialised meditation tuition can help make sense of the shifts and changes that you may be experiencing from both individual practice and group energy work.

There have been prophecies that our future is to build group channels for energy distribution, based on what has been achieved in the past. If you have been meditating for some time and have experienced the power of group energy work, you may have experienced the force of these energetic channels in your own meditation practice. Visiting a clinic that offers individual meditation mentorship can help guide you to understand, tap into and work with these energies to increase personal and universal consciousness.

A clinic session may help you to refine your own meditation practices and to use your own growth and expansion to foster evolving consciousness in the world.

Awareness Institute in Sydney offer appointments at our meditation clinic with Louise Gilmore, who conducts individual meditation coaching as well as mentoring/supervision clinic sessions for people who are working as healers and meditation teachers. See for details.

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