So how are we all faring as the threshold into 2013 has been crossed?

It’s no surprise that many of us found 2012 a difficult year. Perhaps the preceding hype lead us to believe this mass change in consciousness would be liberating, freeing, celebratory, enlightening. And whilst I applaud anyone who managed to navigate the year with ease, the majority of us, including myself, found it to be anything but.

For most of us, 2012 was hard – really hard! Personal demons arose, relationship shifts presented, old wounds were prodded and for many, heaviness dominated. So it is no surprise that we may be feeling some residual exhaustion and overwhelm as we enter 2013.

One word that comes to mind as January progresses is gentleness.

2012 presented some harsh but necessary shifts to our personal and global energy. And if you’re anything like me, apart from still feeling slightly shell-shocked and not wanting to come out of a self-imposed hibernation just yet, one way to re-engage with the world is to focus on gentleness. Gentleness with yourself and how you’re feeling in each particular moment, gentleness around your needs and expectations, your energy and your ability to respond to the ever increasing demands that now arise as the working aspects of the year, be they office or home, commence.

2013 has a more ‘watery’ feel to it (less ‘sledgehammer’ than 2012!) and it’s therefore more important than ever to really check in with how you’re feeling and what you’re sensing before responding to demands which may zap your fragile energy quicker than you realise.

So a ‘gentle’ reminder to breathe before responding. Check in with how you’re really feeling before agreeing to take on another task without question. It doesn’t mean pushing everything away, but simply listening to your body’s own wisdom. It may mean a slight adjustment to something that’s not working or asking for help in an area you’ve felt you’ve had to cope with all on your own.

Whatever the shift, let it be gentle. Let the energies of 2013 aid rather than attack, and may gentle reflection and empowered response be the themes for your beautiful year ahead.

©Kate Powe

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