Diploma of Energy Healing

Dip of Energy Healing 2020 (downloadable course outline)
Dip of Energy Healing-YR1-TT-2020 (term 1 intake downloadable timetable)
Dip of Energy Healing-YR1-TT-2020 (Mid year intake starts 13 June)
Dip of Energy Healing-YR2-TT-2020 (year 2 downloadable timetable)

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Not ready to commit? You can start some subjects each term. They will count towards your Diploma when you are ready to formally enrol. 

“become an energy healer and make a difference in your life and others; mind – body medicine is our future”

Fully accredited with the International Energetic Healing Association and the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

what is energy healing?
Energy healing is the practice of creative, intuitive and soul centred ways of working with self and others for awareness, wellbeing and empowerment. The term ‘soul’ relates to our depth, mystery and our quality of connection with oneself, others and the world around us. Soul centred therapy is a conscious way of being in relationship so as to embrace the diverse healing powers of nature, psyche and spirit. This can take place through the effective use of a wide range of healing and growth related practices. Many of these are explored and learnt within this enjoyable and powerful program including intuitive awareness, energy healing, working with crystals, reiki, soul centred communication skills, meditations and imagery.

sydney, healing, reiki, shamanicIf you felt drawn to the love of nature’s gifts such as crystals, essences, the soul’s auric fields, the body’s joy and wisdom, and the energies and states of healing and awakening, then you will feel at home and entranced here! You can journey into this loving intuitive world through this training just for your own joy of it, or to be able to share it with others – either just personally or as an energy healer in private practice.

This Diploma is for those wishing to develop personally, intuitively and soulfully within their own lives and with others. It enhances your understanding of yourself and empowers your ability to live and relate in more fulfilling ways within yourself, relationships, and with our beautiful earth. It is a professional training for working with others effectively as a healer.

who is this course for?
This program is ideally suited for anyone interested in working intuitively and soulfully in the field of healing and human potential.

“…I have learnt so much about myself and energy. I loved it! …an amazing course”. Michelle Kenworthy Diploma of Energy Healing graduate.

what makes this course unique?
The course is designed to enable you to directly experience the intuitive aspects and ‘energies’ referred to in a unique yet direct, fun and safe way. This growth of awareness that occurs in you makes all the difference in your comfortableness and confidence in the use of your consciousness, knowledge and skills. Your own teachers have been through the gradual development process themselves and are committed to this growth in you.

This program is specially designed to be practical and experiential. You will be developing your hands on skills right from the start.

A key aspect of this program is the mentoring style of support provided to students in the monthly sessions to develop their awareness and skills. This competent use of the self then builds to becoming a safe and effective practitioner for others. We are therefore totally committed to your learning in such a way that it leads to your growing joy, power (heart and soul), wholeness and fulfilment both as a person and professionally.

What our students have to say about the Diploma of Energy:

“I loved everything, especially how the material was taught to every learning style from speaking visually, showing and allowing us to practice on each other. It made the learning for me so much better & I was able to remember a lot more and use my intuition when it presented. I learnt so much, I couldn’t possibly learn more!.”  -Koula Enev- Dip EH student 

“..Catherine has an exceptionally wide knowledge, and has a very inviting & calm nature. I loved the course!”
Julia Nowicki

“It was all useful. So well structured, so clear, well explained. Fantastic content. Really easy to follow along, amazing” Kristina Ljubicic Dip Energy healing student

“..Heidi is so fundamentally beautiful, her integrity in combination with her raw, truthful guidance is invaluable-and so appreciated and refreshing. Thank you”.

Hope -Energy healing techniques 1

“The course was very hands on with practical & useful techniques. Thank you for an excellent course”  Mary-Jane Eastley, Dip Energy healing student


Experience a guided meditation on setting intentions – by Awareness Institute lecturer – Natalie Grace

course structure
This is an 12-17 month part time program.

OPTION 1: 17 months part time – starting in Feb.  of weekly classes, weekend workshops plus a minimum of 1 mentoring session per term. Some subjects can be commenced any term.

OPTION 2: Mid year intake starts Sun 13 June 2020 timetable pdf

year 1 subjects plus 1 elective
Full course and subject outlines available in above pdf course outline.

term 1 
reiki 1 (also available in Summer School)-2 day workshop
transformative meditation 1- 5 Mon evenings or mornings +1 day
intuitive awareness 1: intuition, chakras & energy fundamentals – 8 Thur evenings or mornings
subtle energy systems of the body – 2 day workshop

term 2 
soul centred communication skills 1 – 2 day workshop
transformative meditation 2 – 5  Mon evenings or mornings and 1 day
intuitive awareness 2: connecting to higher guidance, spirit & soul – 3 Sundays
develop your emotional & spiritual Intelligence – 2 day workshop

term 3 
intuitive anatomy – 8 Thur evenings
soul centred communication skills 2 – 2 day workshop
transformative meditation 3 –  5 Mon evenings or mornings + 1 day
intuitive awareness 3 : building intuition, channelling & divination – 3 Sundays
energy healing practical – 1 day

term 4 
energy healing techniques 1 – 2 days
transformative meditation 4 – 5 Mon evenings or mornings + retreat
intuitive awareness 4 : life purpose & manifestation – 2 Sundays

year 2 subjects

term 1
crystal Healing - 1 day workshop
past lives & spiritual healing - 3 day workshop
energy healing techniques 2 – advanced skills – 2 day workshop
healing essences – 3 evenings + 2 days

term 2
soul centred clinic practice
2 day workshop
soul centred communication skills 3 – 2 day workshop
*energy healing student clinic – various
senior first aid certificate - to be competed externally
building a successful business – 1day workshop + webinar

* Energy Healing Clinic hours are comprised of 48 hours of supervised clinical practice, 4 hours of practice at events and 10 hours of log book practicals. 62 hours in total.

Students are required to complete minimum of one elective from the following list. No exemptions are applicable as the purpose of the elective is to explore a new area of healing and awareness.
Reiki 2
Reiki Master
Sound Healing activation
Two 1 day workshops ie Numerology and/or Astrology
Shamanism: The Power and Mystery
Aura Soma Colour Therapy level 1
Mediumship & Channelling
Additional electives may be added during the year.

A lot can happen when we work with energy. As the course progresses your connection will become clearer and you will energetically be more in balance.  Its very important that you are fully supported throughout this process. The bottom line is that the clearer a channel you are, the more effective healer you will be. Students in the Diploma of Energy Healing are required to attend a minimum of 1 mentoring session per term throughout their program of study. We are here to support you every step of the way.

required texts
Judith, A. “Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System.”

Levey, J, M. “Mindfulness Mediation and Mind Fitness.” 2015

enrol now in term 1

enrol now in mid year intake starting Sun 13 June

All of the above texts are available from the Awareness Shop, either online or at the Awareness Institute.

Additional suggested readings will be made available throughout your program.