crystal light bed


crystal light bed benefits

Individual experiences range from a calming and relaxing session to a life altering healing experience.

Following are some of the benefits reported by those having Crystal Light Bed treatments:

  • Improvements in health and physical conditions, may include, but are not limited to:
  • Releasing illness and building wellness
  • Pain improvement or cessation
  • Weight release
  • Heightened immune system
  • Calm and re balanced nervous system
  • Restored function of hormonal system
  • Decrease in stress and increase in relaxation
  • Enhanced relationships with self, family, friends and the Universe
  • Balanced and cleansed chakras
  • Working through and clearing Karmic, DNA and cellular memory issues
  • Overcoming or diminishing lifelong blocks such as abundance, relationship, health, spiritual and addictions issues
  • Greater state of well-being from feeling more energised to a sense of peace and understanding about life
  • Feeling more grounded and insightful about the future
  • Releasing negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger
  • Cleansing the physical and spiritual body of negative energy
  • An anti-aging effect

crystal light bed sessions

60 min sessions  $95  

30 min sessions  $50  

COMBO: 30 min crystal light bed sessions  PLUS 30 min Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna  $80 ($75 if using own towels in sauna)

package options

10 x 60 min  sessions  $665 (30% disc. savings of $285 = $66.5 per session)
5 x 60 min sessions  $356 (25% disc. savings of $119 = $71 per session)
3 x 60 min sessions $234 (17% disc. savings of $51 = $78 per session)
10 x 30 min sessions  $350 (30% disc. savings of $150 = $35 per session)
5 x 30 min sessions  $187 (25% disc. savings of $63 = $37 per session)
10 combo sessions (60 min) $560 (30% disc. savings of $240 = $56 per session)
5 combo sessions (60 min) $300 (25% disc. savings of $100 = $60 per session)

71271976_406825626913616_1300672657376673792_nThe reasons for treatments varies and so too do the numbers of sessions.

Those who are ill or experiencing spiritual, mental, emotional and / or physical pain may choose to have intense treatments of 2 to 3 sessions per week and then weekly or monthly as they improve.FIR-sauna-2

Others who are on a personal development journey use the bed 2 to 4 times a month to keep their being well tuned and manifest desired states sooner. They find the energy process moves them along their path quickly but with ease and grace. The Far Infrared Sauna also comes with colour light therapy. So if you choose the combo (combination of Crystal light bed and Far Infrared Sauna) you can adjust the light colour to reflect your intention for the session. We can help you choose if you need some guidance.

Many clients follow their guidance on the number of number of sessions they require which main range from once a week to once a month.

The maximum recommended number of sessions is one hour per day.

*The Crystal Light Bed and Sauna are very popular, so please be aware that 12 hours notice is required to cancel a booking without incurring a $50 cancellation fee.