Course at Awareness Institute, Sydney, Australia

Awareness Institute evolved from a desire to inspire, engage and foster a growing need in the community for soul exploration and information via courses, workshops and healing spaces.

Over the years, we have evolved as an organic community of professionally trained facilitators, clinicians and healers committed to inspiring an evolutionary shift in human consciousness. We, and our students, value community, personal empowerment, integrity and self-responsibility and seek to provide the highest quality courses and support for personal and community evolution. All the while not forgetting to sit back on occasion, kick off our shoes and have fun!

We’re very proud to offer some of Sydney’s best Diploma and Certificate courses in Energetic Healing, Psychic Development and Intuitive Awareness, Shamanic Healing, Transformative Meditation, Astrology, Reiki and a multitude of short courses, including Ritual and Meditation evenings; Finding your Life Purpose; Women’s Wisdom; Past Lives, Karma and Soul Mates; Natural Skin Care and Foods for Moods just to name a few.

We’ve created the perfect course structure if you’re not sure which of our courses to start with. As all of our Certificate courses feed directly into our Diploma of Energetic Healing program, you can start with, say, our Meditation or Intuitive Awareness course and on completion, have credit for those course subjects should you want to continue on to the Diploma program. That way you can intuitively flow from one area of interest to the next and hone one set of skills without feeling the need to study too much at once. Of course, if you’re dying to jump in with both feet, you can enroll into the Diploma of Energetic Healing and immerse yourself entirely in the richness and self-exploration of the myriad of courses offered in this beautiful program.

And because we understand how busy your lives can be, and recognize the different roles, work and/or study commitments we all share, our courses cater to your time and availability needs and where possible, we offer day, evening and online course options, all of which may be found on our website under ‘timetable’ at

Sometimes we know we want to start a course of study, a path of awakening, but somehow the beginning of the year slips by and we feel we may have missed the opportunity. No problem! Often we may need some extra thinking (or feeling) time to make sure what we choose to study is right for us, so we also offer mid-year intakes for our Diploma of Energetic Healing and Certificate in Intuitive Awareness courses. And of course, may of our short courses, including Reiki, run each term or every second term, so there’s always an opportunity to start exploring your passion whenever it’s right for you.

Awareness Institute is here for you. We specialise in the exploration of energetic and metaphysical aspects of our bodies and the world we inhabit. And with that being our core purpose, we have attracted some of the wisest, committed and most knowledgeable leaders in their respective fields to facilitate each of our course offerings; each known and respected for their dedication and passion in sharing their own truth and wisdom with the utmost of integrity. And as such, our courses draw an incredibly dedicated, warm and vibrant community of like-minded individuals to connect with and support you on your own explorative journey.

For any further information on our Diploma, Certificate or short courses, we’d love to talk to you! All of our courses are listed under ‘timetable’ on the main toolbar of our website or down the left hand panel of our homepage at

Or feel free to connect to us via email at, call us on (02) 9436 1644 or drop by and have a chat at Suite 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest Sydney. We can’t wait to welcome you.


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