clinic sessions

Whether you are currently studying one of our life-changing courses, or simply havesydney, meditation, astrology, healing specific needs that you would like support on, we are here for you.  The awareness clinic has been established to support you during periods of change, transition and transformation.

The awareness clinic has a number of services available. All the services we provide are run by excellent practitioners who are experts in their field. They all have one thing in common; they are there for you, to support you as you journey through your own personal transformation.

This area of the Institute is open to the public as well as participants of Awareness Institute courses. Consultations are available on various days of the week for different services.

 Services Available  Standard Fee  Student fee*  Practitioner/s
astrology (1.5 hrs) $175 $165 Kathleen Byers
energy healing $127 $117 Kathleen Byers, Heidi, Natalie Grace
energy psychology (1.5 hrs) $137 $117 Jody Haywood
 – 10 session transformation pack ($97 per session) $970 n/a Jody Haywood
reflexology (1hr) $127 $117 Heidi Drieschner
holistic kinesiology (1.5 hrs) $175 $165 Heidi Drieschner
meditation coaching $127 $117 Louise Gilmore
past life regression (1.5 hrs) $187 $177 Heidi Drieschner
psychic medium reading $127 $117 Phillip Kayrouz
reconnective healing (45 min) $127 $117 Jody Haywood
reiki treatment $127 $117 Louise/Heidi 
shamanic healing (1.5hrs) $137 $127 Louise Gilmore, Violeta Araya
 sound healing (75 min) $130 $120  Natalie Grace
 far infrared sauna (FIR)sessions 35 min $35
$30 (own towels)
 FIR sauna 6 sessions $150 (own towels)
$180 (incl. towels)
NEW crystal healing bed sessions  click here for more info


#All sessions are 1 hour unless otherwise stated.crystal-light-bed-7
12 hours notice is required for cancellation otherwise a $50 fee will apply. FIR sauna – we request min 2 hours notice
full fee will apply.for cancellation otherwise 

*student fee where indicated is available to current students in diploma or certificate programs at the Awareness Institute.

introducing our practitioners

Heidi Drieschner available Mon-Thurs 

heidiDiploma of Holistic Kinesiology, Diploma of Energetic Healing, Diploma of Reflexology, Post Graduate Certificates -Nerve Reflexology (Pain, Central Nervous System, Lower limbs & Pelvis), Fertility Reflexology (Touchpoint, Denmark), Certificate in Channelling & Mediumship, Certificate in Astrology, Certified Reiki Master, currently completing Dip Past Life Regression (Inner Fulfilment)
Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Heidi is a complementary health practitioner who is passionate about empowering people to re-balance themselves through education, and understanding the role of the mind-body connection in their health. One of Heidi’s loves is assisting people with rediscovering their soul path & sense of direction in life. Her other calling is supporting those on their fertility journey and helping them through challenges often faced along the way. As a people person, she loves engaging with clients and working from the heart, facilitating changes that help you empower your life.

Heidi currently teaches workshops in the Diploma of Energy Healing & supervises student clinic for final year students & mentors students as part of the Diploma of Energy Healing program. She offers astrology readings, energy healing, intuitive readings, holistic kinesiology, reflexology and reiki.

Louise Gilmore available Monday and Thursday afternoons 


Certificate in Counselling; Cert in Group Facilitation; Diploma of Shamanic and Energetic Healing; Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training; Reiki Master; Cert Professional Skills in Conflict Resolution; Adv Certs in Bereavement Counselling; Cert in Shamanic Counselling; Cert Soul Care and Shamanic Healing; Member of the Energetic Healing Association; Inaugural board member of the Australian Meditation Teachers Association (ATMA); author of The Carer’s Handbook and The Queenscliff Story – the 75-year history of Queenscliff Surf Club. She is a conference presenter in Australia, UK and USA, past President of Carers Australia and Carers NSW, awarded OAM for services to family carers

Louise Gilmore has trained people to meditate and to become meditation teachers in college, health and corporate settings for more than 25 years and has studied and taught shamanic practices for eight years. She has worked as a senior journalist and researcher, community educator in Area Health Services, trained graduate and palliative care nurses and coordinated and facilitated groups for people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

Louise has developed and taught many specially tailored courses and one-to-one trainings. Among Louise’s teachers are Thom Knowles and Paul Perfrement in Australia, Suzanne Lewarne in Australia and Peru, Don Basilio Samata Apazain Peru, as well as Gayle Clayton and Sandra Ingerman in the USA.

She wrote and currently teaches the Diploma of Transformative Meditation and the half-year course, Shamanism Now, as well as the advanced course Meditation Mastery at Awareness Institute. Louise offers clinic sessions in Energetic and Shamanic healing. She conducts individual meditation coaching and mentoring/supervision sessions for people who are working as healers and meditation teachers.

Jody Haywood available Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and early evenings (face to face and Skype)

jody haywoodMaster of Education (Adult Education), Bachelor of Arts (Psychology); Graduate Certificate in Communication Development; Diploma of Energy Psychology-using the Grace Method; Diploma of Naturopathy; Diploma of Botanical Medicine; Diploma of Nutrition; Diploma of Remedial Massage; Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Member International Energetic Healing Association.

Starting her career in corporate finance, Jody’s life long interests in human development and consciousness led her to complete a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Adult Education. This pursuit deepened her passion for      learning and exploring the mind body connection. Her own pursuit for wellbeing led her to qualifications in a range of complementary and energy medicine modalities. Jody is the Director of the Awareness Institute in Sydney and works individually with clients also facilitating groups to explore how Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence can bring about a happier, healthier and less stressful life.


NatFCNatalie Grace available Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

AB(High Honours) Music; BTeach; MBus(Marketing); Dip.Professional Voice; Dip Meditation Teaching; Reiki Master; Dip. Energy Healing; Cert. Channelling & Mediumship; Cert. Sound Healing

Natalie is a qualified Energy and Intuitive Healer who specialises in Sound Work. Natalie’s unique healing style integrates Sound Healing, Energy Healing and Reiki among various other modalities to create balance, relaxation and activation. Each of her sessions is tailored to her client’s particular needs both at the time of treatment and in relation to long-term wellbeing and spiritual goals.

In addition to her healing work, Natalie teaches Meditation at the Awareness Institute where she also runs courses and events in Sound Healing Activation. Natalie attended her first Crystal Healing workshop at age 19 and since then her education and experience has been extremely diverse. She has an extensive background in both performing and teaching music working with many musical styles. She also spent over a decade working in Marketing and PR for medium and large organisations.

Her experience in the corporate world and the frantic lifestyle it entailed – especially when coupled with parenthood – compelled Natalie to return to the Music and Wellbeing/Healing fields. Her love of sharing music combined with her passion for intuitive healing has brought her to Sound Healing, a perfect balance!

Now her mission is to share what she has learned, help people slow down, reconnect with themselves and enable them to incorporate their True Nature into their daily lives with clarity and confidence.