chameleon club

Clary ChameleonThe chameleon club is for Awareness Institute diploma and certificate graduates. The purpose of the club is to provide opportunities to stay connected to your classmates and meet more like-minded people. As a VIP member, you’ll receive fantastic discounts to special events, rituals and evenings, online offers and ongoing support, practice and learning. The journey doesn’t stop here. Now that we have met you, we want to stay in touch!

Apart from being adorable, we loved the idea of a chameleon representing us. As a power animal the chameleon represents the transformational process, from where we are now into our potential. He represents the shifting nature (often colourful!) of our own lives as we expand our own awareness. Chameleon is also recognised as the totem for psychic and intuitive awareness and encourages us to truly trust what we feel and sense in each moment. So naming our graduate club after this powerful totem seemed the natural thing to do.

Membership to the chameleon club includes discounts and invitations to:

  • moon ritual and meditation evenings
  •  healing circles
  • awareness gatherings
  • post graduate courses

• plus invitations to special events. These events may be guest lecturers, gatherings, new online post graduate courses and webinars to assist you with the development of your practice, spiritual journey or just for fun! Plus lots more…

Chameleon buttonchameleon club offers are indicated by the green chameleon (left) on this chameleon club website page and online timetable as well as highlighted in the monthly Awareness Institute e-newsletter (if you haven’t already signed up for this you can do so on the front page of this website.)

When you graduate, you will receive a graduation pack which will include an invitation to join the chameleon club. There is a one off fee of $25. Once you have officially joined, you will be sent your chameleon club key tag. Your membership number will be on the tag or when you graduate you can simply join by clicking the enrol now button below.