certificate in sound healing activation

Cert in Sound Healing Activation 2020(downloadable course outline)
Cert in Sound Healing-TT-2020 (term 1 intake downloadable timetable)

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The therapeutic benefits of Music and Sound have been known to many cultures since ancient times. In our exciting era of scientific advancement we now have the means to understand why and appreciate even more the power of frequency and vibration.

We have all used music at some point in our lives for motivation, relaxation, mood-setting and even reminiscing. Sound Healing draws on our natural connection with pitch, tone, melody and rhythm by combining a range of principles to achieve balance, relaxation and overall well-being.

Our one-year Certificate in Sound Healing Activation is a multi-faceted course where you will have the chance to explore, understand and experience the healing power of Music and Sound. You will learn to apply a range of Sound and Energy Healing principles for personal development and to expand your practitioner skills.

who is this course for?
This course is for anyone curious about the rapidly growing field of Sound Healing. It is suitable for a range of students from current practitioners seeking to diversify their toolkit, to those starting their healing training, to people who are simply seeking a deep experience of self-development.

what makes this course unique?
This is a one-of-a-kind Sound Healing course that combines a number of modalities integral to Sound, Energy and Intuitive Healing. It also includes a counselling component through our Soul Centred Communication Skills workshops, which will enhance client-facing skills as well as self-awareness.
The focus will be on learning through experience and understanding first-hand the theory and techniques presented. A year of learning culminates in a beautiful heart-centred Practitioners Retreat where students will have a chance to deepen their personal and applied practice. This certificate presents not only an opportunity to pick up some powerful new skills but also a chance to engage in self-healing.

requirements: No training requirements necessary, however students will need to invest in a basic selection of Sound Healing tools by Term 2 in order to participate in specialist courses. Instruments are listed at the end of the course outline above.

course structure:
This is a one-year part time program across four terms. All classes are taught on-site in order to facilitate our hands-on learning approach.

Term 1
Awaken your Intuition –  3-day workshop (also available in term 2 2, 3, 9 May)
Subtle Energy Systems of the Body - 2-day workshop (also available in term 3 22+23 Aug)
Sound Healing Activation 1 – Chakra Elevation: 2 day workshop
Personal Sound Healing Journey -  1x 75min session (min)

Term 2
Transformative Meditation 1 - Exploring Mindfulness (intensive) 2 days
Soul Centred Communication Skills 1 - 2-day workshop
Sound Healing Activation 2 – Transformation through Vibration 8 weekly classes ( Wed morning or evening)
Personal Sound Healing Journey -  1x 75min session (min)

Term 3
Soul Centred Communication Skills 2 -  2-day workshop
Sound Healing Activation 3 Body-Spirit Consciousness –  5 wed mornings or evenings + 1 day
Personal Sound Healing Journey -  1x 75min session (min)

Term 4
Sound Healing Activation 4 The Power of Group Healing - 1 weekend, 1 evening
Sound Healing Student Clinic -  2 training evenings, 1 clinic day
Transformative Practitioner Retreat –  2.5 days

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