certificate in past life regression & soul healing

Cert in Past Life Regression 2020 (downloadable course outline)

Cert in Past Life Regression & Soul Healing-TT-2020 (term 1 intake downloadable timetable)

What is past life regression?
Many cultures believe in reincarnation & that we have a soul which survives physical death and continues to evolve, learn and grow beyond this lifetime. Past Life Regression is an exciting tool we can use to access the wisdom of our past experiences to assist our current life. Knowledge gleaned from a Past Life Regression can assist to navigate challenges with a sense of peace & connect us to a higher perspective-often leading to soul healing and lasting changes on a deep level.

If a soul attempted to learn certain qualities and they were unresolved during that lifetime, there is seen to be ‘unfinished business’ on a soul level. Sometimes the callings of the soul to grow can continue to play out as patterns in our lives today, which may be experienced as physical symptoms, emotional patterns, fears & phobias, and relationship concerns.

Our souls can choose to continue to learn important soul lessons by trying to resolve them today-providing opportunities for growth that we can also feel ‘stuck’ on. Regression through therapeutic past lives is the key that allows the soul to integrate & move on from the initial experience.

During this 7-month Certificate, build your confidence and skills by learning & practicing specific regression techniques to guide a client back safely to their original Past Life-directly related to their concerns from today. Here they can recognise the source of the original pattern, resolve unfinished business with souls from that lifetime & integrate any parts of the experience they were unable to at the time.

This course will enable you to facilitate a person’s soul journey into their past -where they can connect to their higher wisdom & spiritual guidance, access important learnings, make peace with their past & receive a wonderful healing in the spirit realms.

The moment the soul integrates the healing lessons & gifts from the origin of the stress point anything is possible- often there are big shifts, personal empowerment, patterns can dissolve, and there is a great sense of peace, understanding & soul healing.

Who is this course for?
If you would like to understand yourself on a deep level, and would like to release blockages that are holding you back from being your best self and meeting your full potential, this course is for you.

This course will help you understand why you are in the relationships you are, your family circumstances, & it may even provide the opportunity and right circumstances to heal long standing patterns in your life.
This course will also assist you to clear some of your old emotional baggage & learn valuable take-home techniques to guide your friends, family members or clients through an empowering healing process. Learn through this very practical course how to facilitate healing of old beliefs, patterns or emotions and gain guidance in life.
This course includes theory & demonstration of regression techniques, and plenty of experiential exercises, support notes & further reading.

What makes this course unique?
Unlike some types of Past Life Regression, which can include psychic readings & Akashic records visits on behalf of the client, this course is truly empowering as the client experiences the regression themselves. This course facilitates a process where the client is an active participant in their own soul observations, learnings & experiential healing which leads to a deeper opportunity for lasting healing and change.

This certificate combines modalities & techniques from Regression, Emotional Stress Relief from Kinesiology, and Energy Healing visualisations and essential Soul integration techniques.

There is a mentoring component required for this Certificate, so that you have the experience of a professional regression and support through your studies. Discounted fees are available for Awareness Institute students for mentoring sessions.

There are no previous training requirements necessary, however there are some people for which regression is not recommended. These include people who have schizophrenia, epilepsy, or who are pregnant.

Course structure
This is a 7-month part time program across four terms. Learning is a combination of face to face practical weekend workshops, two online evening Masterclass tutorials, plus 2 mentoring sessions with time to practice in between workshops. 3 case studies (min) are also required for this course, details to be discussed further in class.

Term 1
Past Lives & Spiritual Healing: 3-day workshop

Term 2
Masterclass tutorials: 2 hr online tutorials
Masterclass 1: Client Essentials
Masterclass 2: Deep Dive questions
Soul Centred Communication Skills 1: 2-day workshop
Personal Past Life Regression Journey: 1 x 90min session (min) with Heidi Drieschner

Term 3
Deepening the Healing Process: 2-day workshop
Personal Past Life Regression Journey: 1 x 90min session with Heidi Drieschner

Term 4
Advanced Spiritual Regression-Exploring the Spirit Realms: 2-day workshop