certificate in shamanic studies

2019 course outlines and timetable pdfs available soon.. 

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what is shamanism?
Ancient wisdom, modern practice
Shamanism can take us from Heaven (our cosmic ancestry and the shared Pleiadian connections among traditional cultures worldwide) to Earth (the deeply joyful and restorative lower world where we meet our power animals and spirit guides) and other parallel worlds that offer awareness and guidance.

Many people today feel that their lives are flat, dry and sterile or stale and routine. But the souls of all of us, without exception, have their own landscapes that are vibrant, luscious and fertile.

This half-year course will help you to contact your own inner world and the indigenous in yourself, which has been waiting through time to welcome you home. It is based on knowing that no matter what our ancestry or life situations right now, we can contact the mystery of the soul that has been ours throughout our evolution. You will also learn to contact your ‘helping spirits’ in other realms who will help you live with skill and clarity.

Let’s work together using the ancient, truthful pathways to rediscover our personal fragment of the unknown, the unique vision of our inner lives that are rich with beauty, meaning, surprises and healing power.

who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in improving their lives on all levels and wants to clear blocks and focus on a future of energy and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s also for people who want tried and true healing methods for their health problems, family relationships, workplace issues and to develop a like-minded community. You will learn how to become a “medicine maker” and follow your own path of transformation by learning how to connect to the pure energies of Self, Nature and Spirit.

what makes this course unique?

Our course offers theory, which will allow you to clearly see how to bring these ancient practices into your present day life with it’s modern concerns and responsibilities. More importantly, because shamanism is the path of ‘direct revelation’, you will have opportunities in every class to put what you are learning into practice.

This will allow you to develop trust in the wisdom and loving help offered by your power animals and spirit guides, who are just waiting for you to contact them. The practices louiseandsandracome from shamanic traditions around the world that share many things in common.

facilitator’s: Violeta Araya, Louise Gilmore, Jacqui Bushell, guest lecturers (photo: Louise Gilmore and Sandra Ingerman)

shamanism: the power and mystery
This is the foundational workshop of the course in which you will begin to learn and understand the ancient background of shamanism and why is has become popular in the modern world (quite simply because it works). You will learn traditional techniques for shamanic journeying – a very special way to enter altered consciousness – then you will learn the amazing shortcuts that work so well for today’s more aware and sophisticated people. You will learn methods for entering a deeper relationship with Spirit; the shamanic view of power; the importance of directions and elements and an overview of the role of ritual.

leafweekend course Feb 2019 more info
weekend course Jul 2019 more info

shamanic journey: the medicine wheel, power symbols and the ‘hollow bone’
In this weekly class you will learn about, practice and refine the foundation skill of shamanic journeying which is common across many cultures and traditions. You will learn how to become more powerful in your day-to-day life, while learning and experiencing the personal changes that shamanic journeying can bring. Though the learning framework of the medicine wheel, the directions and the elements you will learn how to work with power symbols, levels of reality, fire ceremony, becoming the ‘hollow bone’ and restoring of personal empowerment.

leafevening course Feb 2019 more info
evening course Jul 2018 more info

earth connection
Develop a profound relationship with flowers, trees and land. Plants have profound healing wisdom which we can build dynamic co-creative relationships with for healing, communicating and to be of service in our world.  In this workshop we will explore ways of connecting and communicating with the plant world and nature energies through meditation, shamanic journeying and listening with all our senses.  Find and connect with your own plant ally. Listen with and be guided by Nature.

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1 day workshop Nov 2019 more info

working with our light bodies – cosmic ancestry and worldwide Plieadian connection
Understanding our cosmic connections and the belief among shamanic traditions throughout the world that we share our beginnings in the star system called the Pleiades. Learn how to express yourself as a being of light, connected with all that is, through light.

leaf1 evening tba 2019 more info
1 evening tba 2019 more info

shamanic journey: dream your world into being with power animals and guiding spirits.
In this weekly shamanic journeying course, we will make deep connections with power animals who will fill you with energy and help you to heal the wounded parts of us. Power Animals are special guardians and Guiding Spirits are compassionate helpers whose role is to keep us healthy on all levels and guide our feet on our life path. Our relationship with them can become deep, warm, loving and even humorous though ceremonies, blessing, journeys and healing.

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evening course starts Oct 2019 more info

shamanic magic and ritual
Shamans are spirit workers who weave a soul path into health, wellbeing, joy, passion and intimacy with oneself, within relationships and with all of life. You will learn to develop appropriate personal rituals to leave the past behind and apply your new energy to your future work in the world. Through them, we will rediscover the magic of ancient technologies for healing, empowerment and guidance on our life’s journey.

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        1 day workshop Dec 2019 more info

shamanic drum & movement
Experience the ancient shamanic traditions of drum, chant, song, rhythm in close connection with nature.

leaf1 evening  tba 2019 more info
1 evening  tba 2019 more info

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