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A reason to get out of bed in the morning – Living your life purpose

The alarm shrills at 6.30 am.  “Please be the weekend, please be the weekend” is the half awake plea.  Consciousness kicks in along with the dreaded realisation – it’s a workday.  It’s Wednesday morning.  Not even past the mid weekhump.  A groan from under the sheets as the depressing realisation hits – “I have my…Continue Reading

Winter Detox – Juicing

Yep, it’s cold. And the last thing we usually want to think about as we’re throwing our scarves around our neck and heading out into the elements is a cleansing juice. But apart from the physical benefits of clearer skin, glowing (and puffy-less) eyes, a tummy that doesn’t bloat and of course, an unheard of…Continue Reading

Ritual & Ceremony

“Ceremony is the inspired expression of our dance with creation” Steven Farmer Ritual and sacred ceremonies invite us to enter the great mystery of the universe, stepping beyond our ordinary reality into a sacred and spiritual realm. They create an entrance point between the seen and the unseen, giving form to the formless. People have…Continue Reading

The perfection of acceptance

This week I came across a quote by Eckhart Tolle: “Accept, then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. This will miraculously transform your whole life.” Can we stop for a moment and read that again? In this world of increasing…Continue Reading

Reiki and Being

The other day I was pondering the most ‘healing’ people I had ever met and I was wondering what it was that made being in their presence such a balm. There was Sister Mary Malone, the charge nurse on a children’s ward, another nurse – a gorgeous Creole woman who called everyone ‘honey chile’, the…Continue Reading

Reiki Healing Benefits

Reiki-Treatment :Healing lies not with the practitioner, but within the realm of the body’s wisdom and spirit Reiki energetic healing can have many benefits on every level for both the practitioner and the client. Reiki doesn’t ‘cure’ in and of itself but supports the flow of chi in our body and works with the innate…Continue Reading

Reiki For Animals and Children

When using Reiki with children or animals the session needs to be structured differently as their concentration span is much shorter, and as their channels are usually much clearer they generally need less time. Reiki on babies often helps put them to sleep, (great for teething!) A good way to give your child Reiki is…Continue Reading

What is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” in Japanese translates roughly as “universal life force energy.” Reiki is a specific form of energetic healing that is becoming increasingly well known for the array of outcomes it can facilitate. Reiki is performed by a practitioner channelling and directing Universal energy through their hands which may be placed lightly on the…Continue Reading

Focus on Shamanism

Shamanism as we offer it in our Certificate of Shamanic Practices comes from a collection of the world’s most ancient disciplines for accessing altered states of consciousness, intensified feeling states, our inherent healing capacity, connection with our souls and techniques of ecstasy. Our lecturer, Louise Gilmore, has been studying and practicing shamanic techniques for years,…Continue Reading