About Us

Awareness Institute is an organic community of professionally trained facilitators, clinicians and healers committed to inspiring an evolutionary shift in human consciousness. We value community, personal empowerment, integrity and self-responsibility and seek to provide the highest quality training and support for personal and community evolution. While not forgetting to sit back on occasion, kick off our shoes and have fun!

jodyhaywood2Jody Haywood Master of Education (Adult Education), Bachelor of Arts (Psychology); Graduate Certificate in Communication Development; Diploma of Energy Psychology- the Grace Method; Diploma of Naturopathy; Diploma of Botanical Medicine; Diploma of Nutrition; Diploma of Remedial Massage; Reconnective Healing Practitioner; EFT Level 1 and 2, Quantum EFT; Reiki Master. Member International Energetic Healing Association.

Jody is the Director of Awareness Institute. Starting her career in corporate finance, her life long interests in human development and consciousness led her to complete a degree in Psychology. This pursuit deepened her passion for learning and exploring the mind-body connection. Her own pursuit for wellbeing led her to qualifications in a range of complementary medicine modalities. Her love of learning culminated in a Masters Degree in Adult Education. Jody’s range of education, coupled with her work experiences has led her to be a highly regarded peer in the complementary medicines community. She contributed to this community of education and healing as Director of Studies and Principal of Nature Care College, executive member and advisor to various boards and associations including the advisory committee for the Bachelor of Health Science at the University of New England. Jody has been involved in government and professional accreditation of a wide range of educational programs covering both vocational and higher education. Her experiences and success in facilitating effective educational environments, consulting, mentoring leaders and driving change has inspired her to pursue a path contributing to a journey of  social transformation. Jody’s passionate interest in social change and healing combined with her extensive experience in educational design and management led her to co-create platforms of delivery for those seeking transition and change at every level; individually, communally and globally.
You can book a session with Jody by calling 02 9436 1644.

Cameron the Chameleon (as featured on the home page) cameronMaster of Change

Cameron is only young, but he already knows that he can be what ever he wants to be. Real power and confidence comes with that inner knowing. As a power animal Chameleon teaches how to show true colors of the self in your environment and in your sincere emotional nature. Quickness, sharpness in endeavors, he shows how to be tough on the outside with emotional/spiritual/mental armor when facing one’s fears. Chameleon shows a talent of adaptability to the environment and surroundings and can teach the art of sensitivity and independence to master changes of the mind, body and spirit. He encourages us to listen carefully to our intuition and inner sight as we navigate our way through this life.

Kkaren-2HRaren Bowller Commonwealth Diploma of Journalism, Crystal Awakening Advanced Healing Certificate.

With a background in journalism, Karen has used her writing skills in a long career of sales and marketing. For 10 years she was the Marketing Director of CTi Australia, and then worked with an international direct selling team in the wellness industry. Through her own wellness journey Karen developed a deep connection with nature, and a love for meditation and healing crystals. She is passionate about the impact of words and how they shape our world. It is no surprise Karen loves helping wellness practitioners express what’s in their hearts as part of their marketing message. In her programs she combines practical business experience with her intuitive skills. She lives with her husband in the Blue Mountains where she hosts workshops, enjoys bushwalking and is inspired to write poetry.

Jacqui Bushell Jacqui bushellRegistered Nurse, Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Botanical Medicine, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Nutrition, Reiki Master Teacher, Certificate in Humanifest Essences, Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training.

Jacqui has been working in private practice in natural therapies and energetic healing for 18 years. As well as people of all ages, she also works with animals and environments. Over the last decade Jacqui has been teaching at Natural Therapies colleges in Sydney as well as facilitating retreats, courses and workshops in the areas of Vibrational Remedies, Herbal medicine, Reiki and spiritual healing. She is also actively involved in community health work. Jacqui is passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting people to become more aware of their true potential. Her hope is that this may sow the seeds of greater compassion, kindness and wisdom, to be of benefit for all beings. Jacqui’s intention and focus is always to co-create healing – only in this way can we truly empower ourselves and others. She is full of enthusiasm, respect and passion for her subjects and delights in teaching.

SabrinaSabrina Domenosky Managing Director of Attract More Clients  works with individuals and small businesses to help them make a difference in the world and reap financial rewards by sharing their advice and expertise. Sabrina is an energetic, dynamic and magnetic consultant/facilitator who has a true passion and gift for unlocking an individual’s professional potential. Through her workshops and one-to-one coaching she shows business owners how to get their message to the public in a much bigger way (and get paid for it too). Having owned and operated 3 successful businesses in the wellness industry she shares ideas and best practices from a place of experience. When Sabrina isn’t teaching or coaching she’s studying/practicing energetic healing, meditation, yoga, shamanism and a variety of other soul-centred practices.

heidiHeidi Drieschner Bachelor of Arts (Soc Sci), Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology; Diploma of Energy Healing; Diploma of Reflexology; Certificate in Channelling & Mediumship, certified Reiki Master and Astrologer. M-ATMS.

Heidi is enthusiastic about empowering people with their health. Down to earth and passionate about her craft, she loves nothing more than seeing clients walk out the door with a sense of calm across their face, ready to face the world again. She believes that we walk together down the road to your health, working together to re-align you with your highest potential.

One of Heidi’s loves is assisting people with rediscovering their soul path & sense of direction in life. Her other calling is supporting those on their fertility journey and helping them through challenges faced along the way.

“Everyone says to relax when you’re trying to have a baby and “it will happen,” with no guidance on how to remove potential blocks to your goal, especially when there’s nothing wrong physically. ” By working together, we can allow your body and mind to come back into alignment, with Kinesiology we can look at removing any underlying belief systems around becoming a parent that may not be helpful when trying to conceive.  Through Reflexology we can prime your body to be in its best physical state of balance and reduce stress. You have the best possible chance of becoming a parent when your body is in its optimal state on all levels-emotional, psychological, spiritually and physically.

As well as working as a practitioner, Heidi also shares her wonderful knowledge and passion in the classroom teaching in the Diploma of Energy Healing, mentoring students, supervising  clinical practice, and is an integral part of the Awareness Institute team.

nicole-feledyNicole Feledy member of the Diploma of Meditation Teaching team. Teaching Children to Meditate

During her 15 years teaching Secondary School English Nicole’s passion was helping frustrated students feel more relaxed and in control. She challenged students to think critically and creatively about the thoughts and emotions beneath their behaviours. Nicole equipped them with the critical, creative and emotional literacy skills required to be the person they wanted to be. She encouraged them to accept responsibility for their thoughts, emotions and actions. Now she brings the same strengths to her adult clients and students. At Awareness Institute Nicole teaches students how to teach meditation to children and teens.


Mark Flood Certificate in Shamanic Studies
Since childhood, Mark has had a strong connection to a special knowing, which has lead or pulled him into deep spaces of reflection and into an ongoing spiritual quest. He has learned along the way to voice the word of spirit & to grow alongside it’s calling. Guided by this growth, Mark has developed a penchant for authentically flowering spiritual understandings & channelled wisdom-teaching is part of fulfilling his lifelong purpose. He has travelled and practiced with shamans in Peru & has trained in Druidic/Celtic shamanism.

In his growing immersion in shamanic systems & approach, Mark has found a place for his long-held connections to earth and spirit, & a capacity to guide and assist others in shamanic experiences within a safe and supported framework. He brings a deep love & joy to leading his classes towards unity of spirit through tangible & achievable rituals.

lgilmoreLouise Gilmore Certificate in Counselling; Cert in Group Facilitation; Diploma of Shamanic and Energetic Healing; Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training; Reiki Master; Cert Professional Skills in Conflict Resolution; Adv Certs in Bereavement Counselling; Cert in Shamanic Counselling; Cert Soul Care and Shamanic Healing; Member of the Energetic Healing Association; Inaugural board member of the Australian Meditation Teachers Association (ATMA); author and presenter of Transformative Meditation Facilitator’s Certificate course; author of The Carer’s Handbook, conference presenter in Australia, UK and USA, past President of Carers Australia and Carers NSW, awarded OAM for services to family carers

Louise Gilmore is a long-term teacher of beginning and advanced meditation in college, health and corporate settings as well as a teacher of shamanic practices. She has worked as a senior journalist and researcher, Community Educator in Area Health Services, trained graduate and palliative care nurses and coordinated and facilitated groups for people with life-limiting illnesses. She has developed and taught many specially tailored courses and one-to-one trainings. She has also written and currently teaches the Transformative Meditation and Shamanic Practices courses and the advanced course, Meditation Mastery, at Awareness Institute. Louise offers clinic healing sessions using ancient Energetic and Shamanic healing systems and altered consciousness. She conducts individual meditation coaching and also mentoring/supervision sessions for people who are working as healers and meditation teachers.


Natalie Grace AB(High Honours) Music; BTeach; MBus(Marketing); Dip.Professional Voice, Cert. Transformative Meditation Facilitation; Cert. Reiki 2; Cert. Channelling & Mediumship … in addition to ongoing professional development

Natalie is a passionate Meditation teacher who also moonlights as a vocal coach, musician and healer. Coming from the corporate world, she has been practicing Meditation, Mindfulness and Intuition for some years as a compliment to her professional activities and is now certified in both Meditation Facilitation and Mediumship & Channelling.

Her experience in the corporate world and the frantic lifestyle it entailed – especially when coupled with parenthood – compelled Natalie to return to the Music and Wellbeing/Healing fields. Now her mission is to help people slow down, reconnect with themselves and enable them to incorporate their True Nature into their daily lives with clarity and confidence.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaryn Harvey Diploma of Transformational Life Coaching, Diploma of Holistic Counselling, certified in Tantra Teaching plus Chakra (Energy) healing and is a successful author of Trust; a memoir about sexual abuse, spiritual awakening and healing sexual shame.

Taryn is a qualified Tantra Teacher and Relationship expert, who has run her own successful practice on the North shore for over 6 years. Prior to this, she was a successful PR Manager in Pharmaceutical Healthcare, working on the launch of Viagra which leveraged her focus on men’s & women’s health strategies.

Today she regularly conducts workshops nationally and is known globally for her vision in presenting human sexuality as a personal developmental gift, plus health and pleasure as our birthright. Taryn honours Tantra and Sacred Sex as it was once recognised in history and specifically within indigenous cultures today.


Jennifer Houston Professional Astrology Counsellor; Angel Intuitive Course with Doreen Virtue USA; Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training; Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

After a long career in fashion and the world of modeling as a Cleo cover girl all of which involved presentation, staging and choreography of fashion shows, TV Commercials. Jennifer pursued her interest in the New Age to a professional level. Jennifer has been an Astrologer, Numerologist and Psychic Tarot Consultant for 20 years. This is her passion and she enjoys passing on her knowledge and experience. Jennifer has been a tutor at Nature Care since 2002. She endeavors to empower others through her consultations. Jennifer is the current coordinator for the Tarot Guild of Australia in Sydney.

Linda James Linda JamesDiploma of Transformation Life Coaching, Diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care, Diploma of Energetic Healing, Diploma of Ritual and Celebrancy, Diploma in Corporate Management, Associate Diploma Institute of Financial Services, Diploma of Bowen Therapeutic Technique, Diploma of Weight Loss Management, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Level 2 Kinesiology Practitioner, Certificate of Metaphysics, Certificate of Parapsychology, Advanced Certificate in Spiritual Healing, Reiki Master, Certificate in Polarity Therapy, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. Founding member and past Vice President of the Energetic Healing Association

Linda has spent over 30 years working in a diverse range of management roles in hospitality, travel, education and corporate finance in England, Canada and Australia. An understanding of the many challenges of the workplace environment lead to a search for a deeper level of awareness and connection to each other and the world around us. Discovering Energetic Healing in 1997 lead to a passion to learn about healing at the mind body and soul level. Linda has been writing courses, teaching, facilitating workshops and supervising student clinic experiences in energetic healing and intuitive development at a Natural Therapies College in Sydney since 2001. Linda practices as a Holistic Counsellor, Transformative Life Coach and Energetic Healing at The Awareness Clinic. Linda believes that we all have the potential to develop our natural intuition and re-connection at a soul level enabling us to become all that we can be.

JulieJulie Jara  Certified Spiritual Consultant & Instructor, Reconnective Healing Foundational & Reconnection-Certified Practitioner & Associate Instructor: The Reconnection, ILab Accelerator Graduate, Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment, Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management). Member of the Intuitive Awareness Teaching team- Intuitive Awareness 2
Julie is a dynamic professional instructor, coach and healer who has helped people unlock their natural intuition, sensitivity and awareness of the human mind & body since 1984. She initially started her training in natural therapies and soon realized her interest in personal and intuitive development, feeling that balance in all areas of life contribute to health and well-being. Julie is passionate about helping others awaken their spiritual gifts and connect to inner guidance to find their true life path and purpose. An experienced speaker and facilitator, Julie has presented programs through Adult Education Centres, appeared on Radio 2GB, Angel Heart Radio, PsychicTV, and has been a speaker at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. She has travelled to over 20 countries with her work, and in 2014 was awarded the IPA Hall of Fame Award for 30 years service.

lynda-kerr Lynda Kerr  Diploma of Health Science; Reiki Master Teacher; Meditation Facilitators Certificate; Cert IV Aromatherapy; Advanced Spa therapies & Ayurveda certificate; Harmonic Sound Healing with Radiant Sol; Pranic Healing (Level 1 & 2); Advanced Pranic Pychotherapy; Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace training. Member of Meditation of Australia Association (formerly ATMA); Member of the Australian Reiki Connection Inc. (ARC); Member of Reiki Professionals Association. 

Following her heart Lynda made a complete career and lifestyle change after previously working in the busy travel and airline industry and stress filled financial sector for many years. Lynda has now been part of the Wellness industry for over two decades. Initially, working in the Beauty and Spa industry, including the position of Faculty Head at the Australian College of Natural Therapy, Lynda now primarily works with corporate and community groups facilitating meditation and wellbeing workshops. Lynda is an experienced, passionate and inspiring teacher with an enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of meditation and wellbeing with others to enhance their own personal development, and bring more peace into their everyday lives. Lynda teaches meditation in business settings at Awareness Institute.

lkLeslie Kingsley is an internationally acclaimed artist whose supernal creations are represented in collections throughout Europe, North America, Republic South Africa, Republic South Korea, Sri Lanka, Japan and Australia.

Leslie spent nearly three decades working closely with his spiritual teacher and mentor and has engaged in an unabated pursuit of metaphysical studies and practices since childhood. His passion is vibration; artistic inspiration; meditation; mantra chanting (vedic & tantric); ritual; shamanism; the sacred language of Sanskrit; the ancient teachings and texts of Sanatana Dharma; the divine feminine and an active appreciation of the beauty of the spirit behind nature.

He has enjoyed a close relationship with the Yogis, Swamis, Pandits and Sadhakas of the Hindu community – and was president of the Hindu Society of Tasmania for nearly three years. Leslie currently manages Heart Aloft publishing (Australia); and Etherica – a spirit, mind body retail outlet in Manly.

Bec Mayhew SMALL

Rebecca Mayhew Reiki Master/Teacher; Certificate in Spiritual Healing I.I.H.T.V.H; Meditation Teacher training; Psychic Development training; Touch for Health (Nature Care College); Cert. IV Hospitality Management; Channelling and Trance Mediumship training; Crystal Healing Certificate I.I.H.T.V.H; Lifeline Counselling course; Planetary Body type healing using Shell Essences; Psych K practitioner; Thrive Life Education training; Dream Analysis training.

Rebecca has spent the last 15 years passionately exploring and teaching spirituality in many forms. She has been a practising psychic medium, healer and meditation teacher for over 12 years, honing her ability and honouring her desire to be of service to the world. Rebecca’s main passion is to help others to empower and enlighten themselves by showing them the gifts they have within. Through teaching, writing and sharing all that the spirit world is willing to bring through her, Rebecca hopes to help all around her to find their own voice and shine their light. She also runs a small children’s charity and hopes to ignite a similar compassionate spark in others, by inspiring people to pay it forward.

janetmcdnnellJanet McDonnell Aura-Soma Teacher Level 3, Aura-Soma Colour Consultant Level 4 , Monocrom Light Practitioner , Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

Janet is dedicated to enriching the lives of others through colour and energy. Inspired by the process of self-inquiry and the desire to understand her purpose, Janet was led to the world of colour and the Aura-Soma colour system. She is an Aura-Soma international teacher and practitioner since 1992 and has been tutoring at Nature Care College since 2001. Her years of practical work in the field of aromatherapy, massage, beauty therapy and fashion, provides you with the opportunity, not only to learn the theory of colour and the Aura-Soma system, but how to integrate the knowledge with other modalities. Janet has a way of making what seems difficult to understand, a simple process.


Lynn Overhill Lynn OverhillDiploma in Remedial Therapies; Certificate III in Remedial Massage; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing & International Management; Diploma of Direct Marketing and many certificates in Animal Care, Natural Health & Nutrition for Animals, Reflexology and Kinesiology for Animals, Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy for Animals. Currently undertaking Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Lynn Overhill began practicing forms of Shamanism in the early ‘90’s when she first began “automatic writing” with Spirit Guides and later when speaking to all types of domestic, native and water based animals & mammals. Lynn also has spent much time with exotic animals who found themselves on “extended visa stays” in Australian Zoos and Animal Parks. Over the past 17 years, she has spoken to hundreds of animals who demanded to be heard and who dreamed of human owners and carers who understood “their inner animal”. Once she helped the animals, the humans wanted help too. She has been featured on many TV programs including “Mornings with Kerrie-Anne” and also in all forms of media in Australia and Japan. Lynn can also be found at pet shows on her mat having a snooze. Meanwhile, her husband Ashley spent his days planting multitudes of olive, cork, pine and fruit trees. During this time, Lynn was approached by the Nature Spirit Union and asked to represent them before , during and post planting to ensure that each tree received what was high on their nutrient wish list. 

tania-sloanTania Sloan





 Prisca Scheele
Registered Nurse, BAppSc in Health Ed, Reiki, Initiate of Kriya Yoga.

Prisca came into her consiousness at around 2 yrs old in Calcutta India. She is a multidimensional healer, seer and teacher, taught mostly by Spirit.

Prisca’s journey is from being a Registered Nurse & Mum of four, to using her skills as a Medical Intuitive, Medium, Palmistry reader, and Energetic Healer. Prisca gives supportive channelled energy, readings – healings – toning group work with angels, universal guides & passed loved ones. Holistic clearing, balance & integration of energy toward Self-Mastery.

Prisca is a specialist in teaching & rebalancing Healers.

Nancy Willis

Nancy WillisDiploma of Remedial Massage 1990; Radiance 1st, 2nd & 3rd°; Diploma of Aromatherapy 1994; Polarity Therapy Cert 1995; CranioSacral Studies 1&2 & SomatoEmotional Release (Upledger Institute) 1997-1998; Thought Field Therapy (TFT) 1&2 1999; Polarity Therapy L1-5, TA L1-4 (Bill Hutchinson, Nature Care College) 2000-2004; Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training 2003; Theta DNA Healing 1&2 2004; Certified Polarity Therapist (Wellness Institute, NY) American Polarity Therapy Association 2007-2008; Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy 2009; Process Oriented Polarity Therapy (Wellness Institute NY) 2011; Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor (Dr Rama Prasad) 2012. Memberships: ATMS, APTA, Polarity Network UK, EHA

Nancy has been a Practitioner of a broad range of complementary therapies for over 20 years and has facilitated seminars, workshops and meditation retreats since 1996. Nancy specialises in mind/body integration, incorporating aromatherapy, remedial massage and polarity techniques to revitalise and rebalance, creating the optimum conditions for health & vitality. This unique blend of vibrational therapies, along with more traditional massage techniques, effectively treats painful physical conditions and their emotional components. Nancy’s interest in Polarity Therapy began at a weekend workshop in 1995, and from 2000-2004, Nancy completed 5 levels of Practitioner/Teacher Training and 4 levels as Teaching Assistant with Bill Hutchinson. She continues her studies in Polarity with Roger Gilchrist of Wellness Institute, NY. Nancy is passionate about ‘spreading the word’ to all! Polarity Therapy is just as relevant for non practitioners as for massage therapists and counsellors, teaching useful life skills and a deepening awareness of our connectedness to all in the universe. It is wise to remember that ‘we are all teachers and we are all students.’ The sharing of knowledge is a highly spiritual tradition.  Nancy assists every year at our annual Transformative Meditation Retreat. Thank you Nancy!