About Heidi

Reflexologist Sydney, Reflexologist in Australia


My name is Heidi Drieschner and I am an eternal student, driven by curiosity and a good old-fashioned challenge. I am really enthusiastic about empowering people with their health.

Down to earth and passionate about my craft, I love nothing more than seeing clients walk out the door with a sense of calm across their face, ready to face the world again. I guess you could say I’m an holistic stress-buster! I like to think that we walk together down your road to health, and that my basket of tools is the way that we can work together to re-align you with your highest potential.

My aim

Via several holistic therapies, I help balance your health so that you are better able to navigate the many stresses life can throw your way.

One key area I’m very passionate about is supporting those on their fertility journey and helping them through challenges often faced through pre-conception, conception and gestation.

Everyone says to relax when you’re trying to have a baby and “it will happen,” with no guidance on how to remove potential blocks to your goal, especially when there’s nothing wrong physically. By working together, we can allow your body and mind to come back into alignment, giving you the best possible chance of having the baby you’ve dreamed of whilst priming your body to its optimal state for conception to occur.

I endeavour to use all of the skills and experience I have clocked up over the years to help facilitate your healing journey. Together, our aim is to remove any underlying subconscious stress or blockages that may be in the way of you reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

Let’s talk about stress

More and more I see more people that feel like they have no control or power over their health concerns overall and reproductive health. Some stress is beneficial, but ongoing stress is hazardous for every area of your health and can have devastating effects on your body. “Hi, my name is … and I’m a stress head!” doesn’t need to be your way of being in the world. With a background in the corporate world, I used to be an adrenalin junkie. I understand what it is like to feel stressed, burnt out and I’m happy to say I’ve got a sense of peace and balance in my life now.

At heart, it’s all about balance

I’m a people person, I love engaging with clients and I work from the heart.  I love to facilitate changes that help you empower your life so you can be in your best possible state. I know it’s not always possible to be a zen master, however it is possible to live a life with less stress and more balance when you get thrown a curve ball!

My key areas of interest

  • stress busting
  • anxiety relief
  • energy boosting
  • fertility challenges
  • navigating change

I am fully qualified at Diploma level in Holistic Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Reflexology, and a certified Reiki Master and Astrologer. I provide treatments that encourage optimal health on all levels, assist people to unwind, feel really nurtured, relaxed & supported in times of stress.  Contact me today to make your appointment (02) 9436 1644.


Astrology, Holistic Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Reflexology, Reiki, Flower Essence Consultations

Professional Associations

Member ATMS: Holistic Kinesiology, Reflexology (24453)

Health fund rebates available for Kinesiology & Reflexology depending on your level of health cover. Please check with your health fund to see if you are eligible for a rebate.

More Info

I’m available Tues, Wed, Fri (before and after work appointments available)

More about Heidi: www.heartspacekinesiology.com.au
Fertility supporting therapies: www.heartspacefertility.com.au